Make Your Next Event Exceptional

Phoenix Tech AV prides itself on its ability to keep your attendees engaged, from the start of your event until its final moment. Whether you're a small business training its associates, or a giant corporation rolling out the next big thing, you'll want your message to be understood loud and clear - and we'll get you there.

The Go-To For Your Virtual Charity Fundraising Needs

Phoenix Tech has helped dozens of charities and non-profits over the years; raising their profiles, and advancing their cause. Over the last year, we have helped enable our non profit clients to raise over $1000,000 in funds through virtual events alone. We'll take the time and consideration needed to make an event tailored made down to the finest detail for your organization

Create a Dazzling Awards Show and be the Pride of Your Industry

Phoenix Tech has all the lights, sounds, bells and whistles to your make your honorees really shine! We work closely with our clients on their stories, themes and design choices, creating coordinated video, audio and lighting cues that'll make your awards show a night they'll never forget.

A New Kind of Hybrid Event That'll Wow Your Audience

Is the future of events live, or virtual? Trick question: it's both! We are ready to take all we have learned from the live, virtual and video production worlds and combine the best elements to make your event remarkable, no matter what form it takes.

About Us

With over 35 years combined experience in the audio visual field, our team at Phoenix Technology Audio Visual has all the tools and know how you'll need to put on an unforgettable event, whether it be live, virtual, or anything in between.

Our Mission

We aim to give our clients the best chance to raise their organization's profile, through stunning events and presentations.

We never compromise quality for the sake of profit. Whether your event will be held in a hotel, conference center, or broadcast from your local office, trust that our team will work closely with you to create a presentation to keep your attendees on the edge of their seats.









When it comes to creating an event to remember, no detail is too small. Our project managers won't simply ask you want you want - they'll probe deep to find answers to logistical, creative and technical questions you never even thought to ask.

Phoenix Is Our City
We are proud to be part of the Phoenix community, and our impact in the area shows in the long standing relationships we have with clients, vendors, and affiliates across the Valley of the Sun.

Can we do that?
It doesn't matter how large your organization is: Once we understand your vision, we'll use the latest available technology to bring it to life - the only limit is your imagination!

Our Team

While our team members began as live event specialists, each has grown with the company, expanding their skillsets to continue guiding our clients through an ever changing events industry.

James Coudright - President

James Clapper

A long standing veteran of Phoenix's live event community, with over 20 years managing and operating events across the valley, James is the glue that holds Phoenix Tech together. He understands that flexibility, and clear, consistent communication are the keys to making professional relationships that are built to last.


Robert Larder - Regional Manager

With a bachelor's degree in film, and an extensive background in audio engineering and live audio video production, Rob was quick to adapt when Phoenix Tech pivoted to provide video production services and virtual programs for their clients. Having been with the company for 10 years, Rob is a project manager with the wide-ranging experience and vision to maximize the effectiveness of any event, from its early planning stages to the big day itself.


Jose Alvarado - Project Manager

Jose has more than 12 years experience in the Audio Visual field, with expertise in Live Audio, Studio Recording, Video Production and Music Production. Since Phoenix Tech began providing virtual services, Jose quickly evolved with the changing market, learning to handle its clients' graphic design and animation needs, as well as providing essential training to the rest of the team in video post production and editing applications.


Lago Soto - Project Manager

Lago has been a part of the Phoenix Tech team for over 6 years. Beginning as a live audio technician, before graduating to post production, editing and motion graphics, Lago has also lead the team, managing several projects; along the way helping to revolutionize the way Phoenix Tech produces virtual events for its clients.


Nick Cecchin - Lead Technician

A Phoenix native with a background in music production, Nick has been with Phoenix Tech for over 2 years . When there's hard work to be done, Nick is always willing and able: a veritable cornerstone of any live event set. As the needs of Phoenix Tech's clients changed, Nick was fast to acclimatize: quickly becoming an adept Camera Operator, Video Editor, and Video Lighting Technician.



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